The Star Walk at Harrison Bay

We are very excited to announce the upcoming grand opening of the Star Walk at Harrison Bay State Park.

The Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga and the Friends of Harrison Bay State Park cordially invite you to the unveiling of the Star Walk at Harrison Bay. Much time, energy, and financial support have gone into the preparation and creation of this educational tool in our community.

The Star Walk, inspired by the Grossmugl Star Walk in Austria, is a self-guided tour that encourages astronomical and environmental observation with the unaided eye. Participants walk through a 1/2 mile gravel loop that houses 13 separate Star Walk stations as well as a giant planisphere or star wheel. Guided tours will be available at the Ribbon Cutting.

Please plan to come and celebrate science education, astronomy, and the night sky with us on Saturday, September 10th at 6:30 pm at Harrison Bay State Park.

5:00pm- Solar Observations
6:30pm- Star Walk Ribbon Cutting
7:00pm- Guided tours begin
8:00pm- Star Party begins
11:00pm- Event concludes

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This event is free to the public!

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