BAS T-Shirts are coming!

At the July Meeting we approved and have begun the process of ordering T-Shirts for the BAS.  The design is attached.
Cost Per Shirt:
S/M/L/XL:  $16.00 each
2XL/3XL:  $20.00 each
Orders and payments are due at the next BAS Meeting, which is August 14; shirts will be ordered on August 18.

If you want a shirt, please contact Joe D'Agostino, Richard Clements, or Matt Harbison.

You can email us directly from the member email list or simply use the contact form on the site.





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Russell Cave Star Party, June 2014

Thank you to all who came out and supported this yearly event.  We had beautiful skies and dozens of people who came out to see the stars.  We also had a brief appearance by the International Space Station.  Several members stayed the night at the park and a couple of our astrophotography folks made a night of it.  

You can see all of the photos from the event at our Facebook page located here: Photos from the 2014 Russell Cave Star Party




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BAS Welcomes Stephen Ramsden to Chattanooga

Have you ever seen the sun?  Really?  No, probably not.  We’re told not to look at the sun from a very young age.  Some of us, however, defy our elders (and better sense) and stare right into that blinding glare; astronomers are a bit special that way.  Some new astronomers learn from the initial moments of blindness and find ways to observe our nearest stellar neighbor without burning holes in their eyes.  These individuals are rare, but one by the name of Stephen Ramsden visited the BAS at the Jones observatory for the March 2013 meeting.

Read more: BAS Welcomes Stephen Ramsden to Chattanooga

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Starry Nights at Russell Cave

The Barnard Astronomical Society teamed up with the Russell Cave National Park for an inspiring night of gazing on January 19th, 2013.  More than 180 people showed up, including two Cub Scout groups and members of the Chattanooga Hiking Club, to view the cosmos through a variety of telescopes.  It is truly an exhilarating experience for any astronomy enthusiast to hear the awe and wonder in people’s voices as they have their first glimpse of Jupiter, magnified 180 times.

The temperature dipped into the low 30s by 7:30pm.  Star gazers, young and old alike, were packed up and ready to leave by the time telescopes began collecting frost at 8pm.  The clouds started rolling in at about 8:30 and the few that braved the cold, were able to witness an incredible 22 degree moon halo formed by hexagonal ice crystals in the air!

Read more: Starry Nights at Russell Cave

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Sewanee Field Trip 2012

The November BAS meeting has traditionally been a field trip to the lab of Dr. Doug Durig at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.  Dr. Durig's research is primarily in detection of near-earth objects (NEOs) and asteroids.  His lab in in the Cordell-Lorenz Observatory on the U. of S. campus, which is home to an Alvin Clark & Sons 6-inch refracting telescope which dates from 1886.

Dr Durig and CameraDr. Durig presented various videos demonstrating several photographic techniques. He is particularly keen on some new tracking mounts - the "Cube" series from iOptron. Dr. Durig also announced that his lab will be expanding its research activities to include photometric surveys for exoplanets utilizing techniques developed for his NEO research.

We then visited Dr. Durig's lab in the Cordell-Lorenz Observatory. Dr. During showed us various new camera configurations and examples of the iOptron tracking mounts. We then went outside to do some observing. The evening was extremely pleasant - not too cold and no wind with perfectly clear, moonless skies. The Milky Way was plainly visible, with Jupiter well above the horizon. Dr. Durig had their newish (donated) Questar telescope on Jupiter, and a 12-inch DOB on M31.

Clark Refractor 640

Dr. Durig and his students then opened the dome of the Clark 6-inch refractor. Everybody had an opportunity to view Jupiter through this instrument, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  A very interesting and delightful experience!



Richard Clements (President)
Ralph McConnell (Vice President)
Bill Seymour (Secretary)
Gary Caldwell
Chuck Wilson
Kevin Kienholz
Grant Summerlin
John Anderson


Heather Clements
Stephen Clements
Julie Livingood
Kathy McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson (John's parents){jcomments on}

Julie at Clark

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