BAS July Program and Meeting

Thursday, 12 July 2018 18:30 – 22:00
Location: Clarence T. Jones Observatory, Brainerd Road 4315, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Category: BAS Meetings

Come join the BAS for our June Program and Meeting at the Jones Observatory! We especially would like to welcome folks who are new to the area, or new to the hobby, to get to know us.

July Program: “The War of the Worlds”

By BAS Member Bobby Thompson

2018 will be the closest and best apparition of Mars in 15 years, and they astro-hype has already begun! 2018 is also the eightieth anniversary of the broadcast of Orson Well’s Mercury Theater Radio show "The War of the Worlds" presented in 1938.

BAS member Bobby Thompson will present a playback of the original radio show, with pictures and posters of the time, and what inspired the science fiction about Mars. Bobby will also present tips for making the most of this year's amazing appearance of Mars. It won't be the size of the full Moon, but it will be a great one!

We will be gathering at 6:30 and the meeting will begin about 7.

Please park in the upper lot behind Brainerd Methodist Church (by the cemetery) and walk up the short drive to the back door. Avoid parking at the bottom of the hill on Tuxedo Ave - there is a path through the woods that is spookier than the cemetery at night - not lit and kind of a climb.

We look forward to seeing you!

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