The Star Walk at Harrison Bay

We are very excited to announce the upcoming grand opening of the Star Walk at Harrison Bay State Park.

The Barnard Astronomical Society of Chattanooga and the Friends of Harrison Bay State Park cordially invite you to the unveiling of the Star Walk at Harrison Bay. Much time, energy, and financial support have gone into the preparation and creation of this educational tool in our community.

The Star Walk, inspired by the Grossmugl Star Walk in Austria, is a self-guided tour that encourages astronomical and environmental observation with the unaided eye. Participants walk through a 1/2 mile gravel loop that houses 13 separate Star Walk stations as well as a giant planisphere or star wheel. Guided tours will be available at the Ribbon Cutting.

Please plan to come and celebrate science education, astronomy, and the night sky with us on Saturday, September 10th at 6:30 pm at Harrison Bay State Park.

5:00pm- Solar Observations
6:30pm- Star Walk Ribbon Cutting
7:00pm- Guided tours begin
8:00pm- Star Party begins
11:00pm- Event concludes

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This event is free to the public!

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So You Want to Buy a Telescope?

So You Want To Buy A Telescope?

Thinking of buying your first telescope?  Wanting to get the kids a telescope for Christmas?  Want to get yourself a telescope for Christmas?  (We know you do!) This evening Richard Clements, the current President of the BAS, will cover the basics on what to consider when purchasing a first telescope.  These days the choices can be downright bewildering, so this program will try to make sense of the chaos.  Topics will include parts and functions of a telescope, types of telescopes, telescope mounts, and probably most important:  what exactly can you see?  Richard will discuss the traps to avoid, demonstrate examples of a range of telescope types in a variety of price ranges, and discuss where to purchase your new toy.

BAS Programs and Meetings are free and open to anyone who has an interest in the sky!  All are welcome!


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2014 Star Party Montage

Captured during the various star parties in 2014, this video reveals the different activities the BAS participates in throughout the year.

The Barnard Astronomical Society is for amateur and professional astronomers as well as anyone interested in astronomy. Our monthly meetings are second Thursday of each month held at UTC's Clarence T. Jones Observatory on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Programs are presented at each meeting by members or special guests. Outside activities include star parties (telescopic observations), field trips to science centers, planetariums, etc.

Membership dues are minimal and include a monthly club newsletter, a quarterly newsletter from the Astronomical League. Group rates for either 'Sky & Telescope' or 'Astronomy' magazine are available through the club.

Find us online at or on Facebook at

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BAS T-Shirts are coming!

At the July Meeting we approved and have begun the process of ordering T-Shirts for the BAS.  The design is attached.
Cost Per Shirt:
S/M/L/XL:  $16.00 each
2XL/3XL:  $20.00 each
Orders and payments are due at the next BAS Meeting, which is August 14; shirts will be ordered on August 18.

If you want a shirt, please contact Joe D'Agostino, Richard Clements, or Matt Harbison.

You can email us directly from the member email list or simply use the contact form on the site.





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Russell Cave Star Party, June 2014

Thank you to all who came out and supported this yearly event.  We had beautiful skies and dozens of people who came out to see the stars.  We also had a brief appearance by the International Space Station.  Several members stayed the night at the park and a couple of our astrophotography folks made a night of it.  

You can see all of the photos from the event at our Facebook page located here: Photos from the 2014 Russell Cave Star Party




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