Harrison Bay Star Party

FINAL UPDATE 4:30 pm ET: Well, there have been some pretty strong storms pop up late this afternoon, and the radar is showing them swooping up and over from the southwest to the northeast. Even though they should die out by sundown, our crystal balls are consistently show very poor observing conditions, and the humidity will soak the gear. With that said, we are unfortunately going to cancel for this month. We’ll try it again next month!

UPDATE 1 1:00 pm ET: OK folks, things are not nice and straightforward this week weather-wise. Our crystal balls are not giving a great outlook, but the pattern keeps shifting from hour to hour. We are going to wait a while and see how things start to play out later this afternoon. We will have a better idea when we look at conditions around 4:00 pm today. Look for an additional update between 4:30-5:00 pm today. Fingers crossed!

Come join the BAS for our monthly Star Party at Harrison Bay State Park this Saturday, September 9. We will be setting up in the Recreation Hall parking lot. We will have a variety of telescopes and observing opportunities.

Please understand that these events are entirely at the mercy of the weather, over which we have little control. We will post updates on Saturday afternoon with information and whether or not we may have to cancel.