Mr. Oscar Langston

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Following this tenure the presidency of Mr. Oscar Langston, a farmer and skilled telescope maker, brought many developments for the society. Noteworthy was his collaboration in forming the Barnard Astronomical Society of Nashville Tennessee which later became the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society. Mr. Langston makes mention of having met twice with the Nashville society at the meeting of September 15, 1931.

At this same meeting he introduced the Architect and telescope maker Clarence T. Jones and two of his sons, Arthur and Bruce. From the very moment of this introduction the course of the society was to change to one of great accomplishment. It seems a prophetic note in the minutes by secretary W. D. Powell that the group had adjourned to the roof of Chattanooga High School to observe the planet Saturn. While there they saw a brilliant meteor passing from the zenith in a north easterly direction until disappearing at the horizon.

Mr. Langston died at his home in Sand Mountain Georgia December 20,1934 leaving his books to the Barnard Astronomical Society Library. He was just completing a new twelve inch mirror at the time of his death at age sixty six.

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